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Basic information about ForMarkers - the canvas for markers, acrylics and mixing techniques

What is ForMarkers? Here we show you what can be used to work on ForMarkers, how your art will last and why ForMarkers Canvas is so convincing. 

ForMarkers Canvas painting by Gris

What is the ForMarkers canvas made of?

ForMarkers stretched canvases have an extremely robust, stable and tear-resistant surface made of a special fabric. This has a very fine, even surface structure and is provided with a non-absorbent primer.
ForMarkers is bright white with high colour brilliance.
Drumtight Youtube video graphic

What does "drum-tight stretch" mean?

ForMarkers canvases are produced on machines from MH+P Technology This technology for drum-tight canvas stretching is the world leader in this field. 

Really drum-tight? Yes!

We even tested it extensively and built a drum kit out of the stretched canvases. For the ultimate quality inspection ;)  But see for yourself in the following video: 

Drumtight canvas stretch Video Preview
ForMarkers painting by Gris from Creative World 2018

What colours can I paint the ForMarkers canvas with?

ForMarkers is the solution for many modern applications: Acrylic markers, felt tip pens, paint markers, gel pens, fineliners, markers, finger paints, jumbo colour pen, texture pastes, acrylic gels, plaster and modelling paste, acrylic, watercolour and oil paints, scribbling, spraying, pouring techniques and liquid painting.
Material mixes are also ideally suited to the ForMarkers canvas.
Gris in the studio with ForMarkers

How long does ForMarkers take to dry?

The drying times depend on the painting agents used and the application technique. The values given refer to a single coat of paint. Filling, liquid painting or pouring can take considerably longer to dry. 

Drying times (hours)
Alcohol-based pens up to 1 hour
Water-based pens and acrylics up to 3 hours
Spray cans up to 4 hours
Watercolours up to 6 hours
Oil paints Depending on pigment and oil
ForMarkers stretched canvas with wedges for better tension

How do I re-stretch a stretcher frame?

ForMarkers are mounted on a sturdy wooden stretcher frame from sustainable forestry for sizes over 20x20cm. Each stretcher frame comes with a bag of 8 wedges. Two for each corner of the frame.

If you notice that the ForMarkers canvas is no longer so tight, for example after a long time or due to a large amount of paint, you can re-stretch the canvas. To do this, place the wooden wedges in the corner slots of the frame and drive them in with a hammer until the material is taut again.

Be careful! To ensure that the canvas remains evenly stretched, you should tap the wedges into all four corners evenly, piece by piece.

ForMarkers artist Hülpman "Boogiebandit"

How do I store my finished canvases?

After the colours have dried, the artwork can be treated with a fixative if necessary.

As with all canvases, storage and presentation should be done in dry rooms. To protect the paint, it is recommended to avoid direct sunlight.

Tutorials and examples

Here we show you a few application examples and tutorials. So you can see how the special canvas behaves and what is possible with it. 

ForMarker Video Tutorial by Huelpman

Improvisation Part 1 with Hülpman

We invited the artist Hülpman to do a demo on one of our ForMarkers canvases in our office. It was a lot of fun!

This is our smallest format of this type of frame. This artwork was realised in only 15 minutes! Thank you Felix! 🤙👌

ForMarker Video Tutorial by Huelpman
Video preview of ForMarkers by Hülpman

Improvisation Part 2 with Hülpman

What a fantasy! It's hard not to get caught up in her overstuffed imagination. Hülpman has struck again! This time in 30x40cm format. Great, we love it! Look how the tip of the marker glides on the surface.

This is an A3 format, realised in less than 30min! Thank you Felix! 🤙👌

Video preview of ForMarkers by Hülpman
ForMarkers artwork by Gris

Painting ForMarkers with watercolour

Gris showed a new way to play with ForMarkers in his LiveStream on Instagram. 

Preparation: For this, the canvas was first completely soaked and then wiped dry again. Now the canvas can be painted with watercolour paints without them beading off.

What happens: ForMarkers is actually designed for markers and acrylic paints and has a non-absorbent coating. Meaning, alcohol-based paints and acrylics bond with this coating, water-based paints like watercolour actually bead off due to surface tension. With preparation, the surface tension is removed so that watercolours can spread better. As it dries, the paint will only remain on the surface and will not bond with the canvas. This allows you to wipe off the dried paint later. However, if you want the paint application to be permanent and secure, it is advisable to apply another fixative.

This, of course, allows you to play with other possibilities: to paint a canvas several times, to highlight partial areas or to correct paintings. But beware. We cannot guarantee that this process is infinitely feasible. Nor can we guarantee that it will work with all products and colours. It is therefore essential that you test your desired watercolours in advance on the overhanging edge pieces of the reverse side.

Video preview of ForMarkers

Spring Tutorial - PART 1 with Kaitlyn Parker

ON THE PROGRAM: Acrylic ink background, spring colours 🌸☀️ 🎨Learn to play with acrylic ink.

The surface of the ForMarkers canvas is soft and adapts to both the acrylic and the markers.
Try the ForMarkers!

Video preview of ForMarkers
Video preview of ForMarkers

Spring Tutorial - PART 2 with Kaitlyn Parker

Let the background dry overnight with acrylic ink. 🌸☀️ Draw patterns with markers on top without any problems! The surface of the ForMarkers canvas is soft and adapts to both the acrylic and the markers.

Video preview of ForMarkers
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